Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cash Flow and Human Capital

Life is constantly throwing curve balls and introducing new challenges. We gain all kinds of experience from different areas of our lives and develop our human capital. Once we reach a certain age it becomes clear that if we don't pursue our passions we may never achieve our dreams. Our human capital can play a major role in helping us reach our goals. 

Since 2nd year University at Ryerson back in 1991 I have had the dream of becoming a voice actor.  I worked in radio for many years where I honed my voice acting abilities. But life took a crazy turn in 2000. I lost my radio gig due to corporate restructuring. 

It took me a year to find a new path and somehow I found myself back in University for Accounting, of all things. I was on the CA track. I made it through the degree without any problems. I even passed my first professional exam. Unfortunately I failed my 2nd professional exam twice. I took myself out of the CA process because I realized that becoming a CA wasn't my dream. I still wanted to be a voice actor. At this point I had accumulated nearly 6 years of full time accounting experience. I found that I enjoyed bookkeeping.  That's why I took on bookkeeping clients when I left my Accounting job to pursue voice acting.

Bookkeeping gives me the steady cash flow I need to fuel my voice acting venture. Bookkeeping is not my plan B. It is an integral part of my plan A. In fact, I do my own bookkeeping and tax returns. I don't have to pay an accountant to take care of my growing business!

Play to your strengths. Use your human capital to maximize success in the pursuit of your goals.

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